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Keep on truckin' !


We are the new owners of B&C Wunderwear.  You can read a tribute to our good friend Cecile here.


We are setting up shop and retooling around a new streamlined suit production method.  We are developing some local suppliers and are also working with the B&C network in planning to offer a batch of products for sale by mid to late Summer 2015.  Thank you for your patience!


Bryce & Carolyn


If you have questions, please feel free to email orders at bcwunderwear dot com.




Cyan Suit

Our Products

b&cWunderwear, Inc provides a variety of unique caving products, including:

Colorful Custom caving suits for adults & kids – basic to deluxe.

Caving bibb overalls & jackets.

Caving pants & shorts

Caving packs for gear & rope.

Knee & elbow pads.

Rope bags & pads.

Custom products, bags, and fleece!

Click to view Wunderwear products in the field.  Send us your photos!



Yellow Suit

Cave Clothes

All our cave clothing has:

·       Gusseted crotch & armpits for free movement

·       Heavy duty hook & loop* closures – no zippers to break

·       All pockets have hook & loop* closures to keep your stuff safe

·       Choice of fabrics: color, weight, coated or uncoated

·       Stock varies – call or email to find out what is available

Fundamental suit

·       Two outside chest pockets

·       Fleece collar

Wunderalls Deluxe suit

·       Articulated knees

·       Knee pad pockets

·       Elbow pad pockets

·       Double thick seat

·       Velcro closures at wrists & ankles

·       Hood in collar, collar is fleece lined

·       Inside and outside chest pockets

·       Many possible custom extras (extra $)

Wunder Bibbs - Caving bib overalls – perfect for those who get too warm in coveralls

·       Comes up above waist to keep cave dirt out

·       Chest pockets

·       Articulated knees

·       Adjustable shoulder straps

·       Can be worn with a jacket and/or various weight shirts

Wunder Pants – Heavy duty caving or hiking pants

·       Articulated knees

·       High waist to keep out dirt

·       Fleece lined waist band

·       Pockets

·       Knee pad pockets

Wunder Shorts – for hot caves or the hot-blooded caver

·       High waist to keep out dirt

·       Fleece lined waist band

·       Pockets

·       Custom inseam lengths available

·       Can be worn over various weight tights

Mudder Mountain - kids caving suits

·       Various sizes

·       Expandable for growth

·       Custom extras


                        *  The hook & loop fastener commonly known as Velcro

Blue Suit

Caving Gear

Wunder Armour knee pads & elbow pads

·       Elbow pads cover elbow and forearm and stay in place

·       Regular, Long & Extra-Long Kneepads

·       Protects the side of the knee too!

Wunder Packs & Rope bags

·       Mini Minimalist – one strap

·       Minimalist – two straps

·       Horizontal Vertical – 1 strap

·       B’s I & II – two straps

·       Dave’s – 2 straps

·       Cumbersome – 2 straps

·       Big Blue

·       Repo - Ditty bags, etc (various sizes & prices)



Purple Suit

Contact Information

email at orders at bcwunderwear dot com. 





B&C Wunderwear, Inc.

Email: orders at bcwunderwear dot com