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Cecile’s family is currently in the final stages of selling B&C and so are not currently taking orders. Please check back in the near future for information from the new owners about remaining stock and ordering custom suits and other items.  If you have questions, please feel free to email orders at bcwunderwear dot com.



Sad News


Cecile James passed away at home in Lynchburg, Virginia on February 12, 2014. Cecile was mother to four and grandmother to seven. She was 79.


Cecile started caving with the VPI Cave Club, but was also an active member of the Nashville Grotto for many years, and most recently was part of the Blue Ridge Grotto. But, most cavers know Cecile as the proprietor of B&C Wunderwear, a company she had started in the 1990s; and through her presence as a vendor at NSS Conventions, and regional caving events such as OTR, SERA, TAG, VAR and the Cumberland Caverns Christmas Party. Over the years, she carefully evolved the suits, bibbs, shorts and kneepads that many cavers have come to love. She was active and vibrant to the end.


Cecile & Granddaughter

Cecile & granddaughter Tess in B&C Wunderwear Shop in Antioch, TN


Her family would like to thank everyone for their condolences and wishes. We are heartened to know that our mother’s work touched so many people and that she had so many friends. 





Cyan Suit

Our Products

b&cWunderwear, Inc provides a variety of unique caving products, including:

Colorful Custom caving suits for adults & kids – basic to deluxe.

Caving bibb overalls & jackets.

Caving pants & shorts

Caving packs for gear & rope.

Knee & elbow pads.

Rope bags & pads.

Custom products, bags, and fleece!

Click to view Wunderwear products in the factory.  Made in the USA!

Click to view Wunderwear products in the field.  Send us your photos!



Yellow Suit

Cave Clothes

All our cave clothing has:

·       Gusseted crotch & armpits for free movement

·       Heavy duty hook & loop* closures – no zippers to break

·       All pockets have hook & loop* closures to keep your stuff safe

·       Choice of fabrics: color, weight, coated or uncoated

·       Stock varies – call or email to find out what is available

Fundamental suit ($90)

·       Two outside chest pockets

·       Fleece collar

Wunderalls Deluxe suit ($135 / $150 and up)

·       Articulated knees

·       Knee pad pockets

·       Elbow pad pockets (in $150 suit)

·       Double thick seat

·       Velcro closures at wrists & ankles

·       Hood in collar, collar is fleece lined

·       Inside and outside chest pockets

·       Many possible custom extras (extra $)

Wunder Bibbs - Caving bib overalls – perfect for those who get too warm in coveralls ($100)

·       Comes up above waist to keep cave dirt out

·       Chest pockets

·       Articulated knees

·       Adjustable shoulder straps

·       Can be worn with a jacket and/or various weight shirts

Wunder Pants – Heavy duty caving or hiking pants ($75)

·       Articulated knees

·       High waist to keep out dirt

·       Fleece lined waist band

·       Pockets

·       Knee pad pockets

Wunder Shorts – for hot caves or the hot-blooded caver ($40)

·       High waist to keep out dirt

·       Fleece lined waist band

·       Pockets

·       Custom inseam lengths available

·       Can be worn over various weight tights

Mudder Mountain - kids caving suits ($35-$55)

·       Various sizes

·       Expandable for growth

·       Custom extras


                        *  The hook & loop fastener commonly known as Velcro

Blue Suit

Caving Gear

Wunder Armour knee pads & elbow pads

·       Elbow pads cover elbow and forearm and stay in place ($40)

·       Regular, Long & Extra-Long Kneepads ($40 - $50 - $60)

·       Protects the side of the knee too!

Wunder Packs & Rope bags

·       Mini Minimalist – one strap ($30)

·       Minimalist – two straps ($40)

·       Horizontal Vertical – 1 strap ($38)

·       B’s I & II – two straps ($40, $45)

·       Dave’s – 2 straps ($50)

·       Cumbersome – 2 straps ($55)

·       Big Blue – ($18)

·       Repo - Ditty bags, etc (various sizes & prices)




Orange Suit


Here are some tips regarding your Wunderalls, from the Doctor Herself!



Purple Suit

Contact Information

email at orders at bcwunderwear dot com. 





b&cWunderwear, Inc.

Email: orders at bcwunderwear dot com